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‘Be Careful!’  We’ve all likely  heard, said or thought these words at some time or other. As a kid, this was my mother’s mantra. I spent more time in the emergency room waiting for stitches or to be cast, than many people spend at the doctor in their lifetime. I thought I must be accident prone.

As I grew up I started to better understand the definition of ‘Be Careful’: To plan ahead; to think about what might happen; to bring the right equipment; to learn skills to deal with emergencies and much more. In the 90’s I worked for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and they focused diligently on the idea and message of safety for all their employees.  Valuable lessons.

In 2004 I went on to become a founding member and first President and then Executive Director of the North America Outdoor Institute (an outdoor safety education training non-profit organization.) For nearly two decades my life revolved around researching, learning, practicing, training and writing about safety.

I have heard or been part of too many heart crushing stories of tragic loss. I’ve shed a lot of tears for lost lives, especially my husband Bruce in 1986 in an unfortunate accident that I later learned could have been prevented. But back then we didn’t know.

This website/blog is dedicated to all of the stories, knowledge, connections, products and amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with. I hope you gain valuable knowledge and insight from your time here. I promise to work hard to keep the content fresh, interesting and relevant. I look forward to your comments.

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Debra McGhan, U Rock CEO

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